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Customer Relations

Only by working together can we meet future product challenges. The word "trust" summarises what we believe is essential in a relationship.  Whether it's in business or ordinary life, trust paves the way for long-term partnerships.  You cannot develop and achieve success without it.

Our customers are large and small, spread all over the U.K. and active in most industrial areas and businesses.  We appreciate and understand your needs.  We are not just sales staff or engineers - we are problem-solvers, dealing locally with your orders so that they exactly match your requirements.

Working closely with us, you can create a position in the market where you are known to be one step ahead of your competitors.  Better quality, longer durability and smarter support - all means better total tooling economy. 

Our commitment to our customers does not end with an invoice.  Being our customer means you can rely on us to assist you whenever you have any problems.  We are able to offer:-

  • Material recommendations - our technical staff in the U.K. and Sweden will find a solution for you
  • Material investigations - if something goes wrong, we will find the source of the problem
  • Training - we will help to develop the knowledge of your co-workers for improved performance and profit

Throughout the development process to the launch of new products, wherever you are in the manufacturing chain, we want to be your partner.

Contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.