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Our production companies are as follows:-

Uddeholms AB

Uddeholms AB
SE-683 85 Hagfors
Tel:   +46-563-170 00
Fax: +46-563-174 00

Uddeholms AB is the largest production company within Uddeholm. The steel mill in Hagfors was founded in 1873.  See the Uddeholms AB website for further details. 

Uddeholm Strip Steel AB

Uddeholm Strip Steel AB
P.O. Box 503
SE-684 28 Munkfors
Tel:  +46 563 160 00
Fax: +46 563 162 00

Uddeholm Strip Steel AB in Munkfors, Sweden, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Böhler-Uddeholm AG and has produced cold rolled strip steel since 1886.  It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality precision strip steel.  Products include saw steel (for wood bandsaws), flapper valve steel, loom reed steel, needle steel, razor blade steel, knife and scalpel steels, paper and printing steel for coater, crêping and printing doctor blades.  See the Uddeholm Strip Steel AB website for further details.


Venusbergerstraße 22
A-3133 Traismauer
Tel:  +43 (0) 2783/8531 -0
Fax: +43 (0) 2783/8531 -12

Martin Miller GmbH began production of watch springs in Vienna in 1782 and now produces strip steel for various types of blades, as well as rule die steel.  The company became a subsidiary of Bohler-Uddeholm AG in 1997.  See the Martin Miller GmbH website for further details.  

Fine Machined Products

Uddeholm Machining runs a stock programme for fine machined plates of nearly 1000 different sizes and tool steel grades. The products range from flame cut to six side machined plates and from common tool steel to Uddeholm branded top class steels. Our tool plate range is from pre-machined to completely finished inclusive cooling channels. We are able to produce tolerances to 5 microns.
As a complement to our plate programme, we also produce ready-to-use components in high performance steel for different purposes in the manufacturing industry. The extrusion tooling programme of Uddeholm Machining comprises of a range of performing components for metal extrusion. 

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