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High Performance Steel (HPS) gives far better results than conventional engineering material.

Increase speed with HPS

Anders "Charley" Karling is four-times European Champion in Super Twin Dragbike racing. His top speed is nearly 356 km/h! HPS-products from Uddeholm make up the vital components of his 700 horsepower drag machine.

Engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods, piston pins, cylinder heads, cylinders and engine brackets are some of the major parts fabricated from Uddeholm products. Performance speaks for itself:
0 to 100 km/hour in less than one second!!!

Being on the leading edge of racing means being on the leading edge of materials used in racing.  HPS materials combine high strength, toughness and wear resistance for lower weight, simpler design, greater precision and lower maintenance costs.

Reduce maintenance cost

If you have high maintenance costs, you are not alone.  Maintenance costs Swedish industry around US$ 47 billion a year. By choosing a High Performance Steel (HPS), these costs can be substantially reduced.

HPS was previously only chosen for extra high-spec equipment but it is now proving to be the best option even for applications, which have traditionally used lower quality engineering steel. Fewer and shorter interruptions in production, increased service life, lower consumption of replacement parts and improved quality of the end product are just some of the improvements noted.

We are working to decrease this by helping industries choose the right material from the start for their heavy-duty components.  In this way they can optimise the overall economy of their production.

Sandvik in Sweden chooses HPS

Sandvik Coromant in Sweden has increased their competitive edge in the market for cutting tools by using the Uddeholm steel grade THG 2000.

The superior temper resistance, wear resistance, strength and good machinability of this steel make tool holders that perform better and longer where higher cutting speeds are used.

Wherever you are in the manufacturing line - whether you are a machine builder or machine user - you gain a competitive edge by choosing an HPS material.

Improved recycling with HPS

By changing knife material to Uddeholm's Sleipner grade, a Norwegian customer has decreased costs by 30%!

The company shreds tyres for energy production in the cement industry. It operates a one-rotor shredder. Due to the change to the Sleipner steel grade, knife life increased from 35000 tyres to 50000 tyres. This meant that the knife cost per fragmented tyre decreased by 30%!

Recycling of tyres, cars, paper, white goods, plastics, asphalt and other materials is growing, and the shredding industry along with it. HPS materials provide an excellent combination of chipping resistance and strength for shredder parts. For knife holders, knives, shafts, counter blades, distance rings, nuts and bolts, the shredding industry strives for lower downtimes with HPS materials.

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Dievar is a premium high performance chromium, molybdenum, vanadium alloyed steel, which delivers excellent toughness and ductility in all directions, good temper resistance and good high temperature strength.  This hot work tool steel again raises the industry standard in die materials.
Dievar is manufactured using leading edge production and refining technology to achieve a unique property profile, exhibiting excellent hardenability and good stability throughout heat treatment and coating operations.

Of key importance is that Dievar has been specifically developed to improve potential heat checking resistance beyond that of other commercially available die steels, thereby overcoming one of the most common failure mechanisms in die casting and forging operations.  Additionally, the outstanding toughness of Dievar can be exploited to achieve further gains in heat checking resistance by allowing a higher working hardness to be used without risk of gross cracking failure.  The higher working hardness, coupled with good temper resistance, offers improved resistance to hot wear and plastic deformation in tools using this steel.

Furthermore, Dievar is capable of maintaining its unique property profile even in the largest sections.

Its minimum unnotched impact value is 300 joules, whilst its minimum average Charpy V notch impact value is 19 joules according to testing procedures defined by NADCA #207-97.

Dievar builds on Uddeholm's previous advances embodied in:

  • Orvar Supreme, a premium grade H13 hot work steel, which exhibits very high purity and fine structure, resulting in improved isotropic properties valuable for tooling subjected to high mechanical and thermal fatigue stresses.
  • QRO 90 Supreme, a hot work steel specially developed to provide excellent performance in high temperature tooling, and particularly suitable for the extrusion of non-ferrous metals and forging and extrusion of steel.



Sleipner is a versatile cold work tool steel with eight properties that make it an all-purpose tool steel to cope with the increased demands on today's tooling.  We often choose our product names from Nordic mythology and not without reason.  Sleipner is in fact an eight-legged horse in Nordic mythology.

Each material property is not extraordinary - it is the number of good properties that make Sleipner an all-purpose tool steel to cope with the increased demands on today's tooling.  Shorter lead times demand more reliable tooling and more difficult work materials are pushing tool performance to the edge.  Sleipner can handle all of these demands in ways that will satisfy both toolmakers and tool users.

The tool user's demands for reliability are intimately connected with the tool steel's good resistance to chipping and cracking.  The rather low resistance of the classical cold work tool steel D2 has been considerably improved with Sleipner.  The decrease in wear resistance has been compensated by a much extended working hardness.

The toolmaker looks for good machinability and grindability and he will find it in Sleipner, thanks to the balanced chemistry and finer carbides.  Sleipner also permits trouble-free wire EDM and surface coatings.

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